Amy Schumer defends her body as she was spotted rubbing overweight belly in recent photos

Apr 17, 2018
04:24 P.M.
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Comedian and actress Amy Schumer stands up for women as she gets real about positive body image.


AmoMama shares with you details of Amy Schumer’s fight on positive body image as she shared an image of herself rubbing her overweight belly. Reported by Daily Mail on April 16, 2018.


Apart from carving a niche for herself for being one of the funniest women on earth, Amy Schumer has also created a name for herself as one of the women with the strongest voice for promoting positive body image. Amy hasn’t lowered her voice as she keeps fighting every day and she did that on Sunday as she spoke to Lisa Wilkinson on The Project.

Amy opened up about body confidence as she talked about how she was comfortable on her body. She said:

‘I exercise, I eat well, I just don’t starve myself.'

She further revealed that her secret to being comfortable in her skin was never to see anything in her body as a flaw.


She disclosed:

‘I have never been apologetic for what could be considered a flaw on my body. But every year I get more comfortable in my own skin- even if there’s more of it now.’

She continued:

‘Not that I don’t get my period every month and not feel like hot garbage, but nothing can mess with my baseline at this point in terms of my confidence’


Amy confessed that she’s the biggest she’s ever been right now but she still feels very good about herself.

She also discussed being naked in front of the opposite sex with the presenter. The comedian jokingly said that any man would be happy to see a naked woman in front of them. She said:

‘They’re not going to say Oh, you have a bit of cellulite and call an Uber’

For photos of Amy rubbing her belly, see HERE

This comes after a picture of Amy surfaced of her rubbing her overweight belly as she stared in the mirror.


Amy is the first female comedian to ever make the Forbes list of top comedians and women all over the world couldn’t be more proud of her.