'Roseanne' fans are thrilled to see two iconic characters back on the show

Apr 17, 2018
07:57 P.M.
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The latest episode gave the show’s fans two of the most beloved characters back.


According to an article published by Pop Culture, viewers of the revival series Roseanne were ecstatic to see the return of Estelle Parsons and Johnny Galecki to the show.

The rushes for the most recent episode of the series had gathered a lot of buzz around it, as it teased the possibility of characters David Healy and Beverley Harris bringing back their wit on the show.

The character Healy is the husband of Darlene Conner, and audiences would remember him as the boy that younger Darlene dated in high school.

As per the storyline, Darlene and David tied the knot and were blessed with two children. Eventually, the couple ended their marriage.


However, they have not been able to disconnect from each other completely, as they must continue to act cordially as guardians of the two children.

Beverley Harris’ return to the show promises to bring out a lot of pungent humor and sarcasm. As the mother of characters Roseanne and Jackie, Harris is a bluntly outspoken woman.

The 90-year-old actress is as talented as she was in the original series, and has added a great deal to the plot of the revival series.

In the words of actor Michael Fishman, the onscreen chemistry between Galecki and Gilbert is overwhelmingly funny, and the audiences will journey along with the duo into many unique situations.


Fishman also described Parsons’ work on the show was perfect and well-blended. Calling the actress a legend, he added that the character she portrays takes the humor of the show to a whole new level.

The episode that brought back Galecki and Parsons was directed by Gail Mancuso, which makes it even more special.

It was the very first episode of the revival series to be directed by someone other than the brilliant John Pasquin.

The episode was written by one of the show’s executive producers, Bruce Helford. Helford has played a major role in bringing the classic series back into people’s lives.

He also emphasized on keeping the show separate from actress Roseanne Barr’s personal political views and beliefs.