Owls born outside an office window keep staring at people while they work

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 17, 2018
11:49 P.M.

Their strange act is both adorable and creepy.


On April 11, 2018, Twitter user Michael Lens posted a photo of owls that were born outside of their coworker's window a few weeks ago, as reported by Mashable.

The owls are now all grown up and they refuse to stop staring at the workers inside. They acted like something out of a horror movie.

Lens, a UCLA professor, wrote: 'Owls were born on my colleague’s windowsill a few weeks ago and I. Just. Can’t. Even.'

His tweet quickly went viral with more than 49,000 retweets and 197,000 likes since being shared.


The owls caught the attention of social media users and became instant celebrities.

Most people thought that the owls are adorable, but others found them creepy.

'Their little super interested faces would make me laugh daily if I had to see them. But also happy. It's adorable,' Twitter user, @hestiahdruid, wrote.


'I don't blame you. Whoo could work under such conditions?!' added @jeremyhoffman.

Owls are kind of birds from the order Strigiformes.

According to Mental Floss, there are over 200 species of owls living in all regions of the Earth except Antartica. Their 'super-tuned senses' help them hunt prey all around the world. They usually hunt small mammals, insects, and other birds.


Owls have the ability to rotate their heads 360 degrees and can also turn their necks 135 degrees in either direction.

They have to turn their heads to see because their eyes are fixed in place.

Owls have a super-powered hearing, which let them locate their prey easily. Depending on the size, they either eat the prey whole or rips it up. They sometimes eat other owls.

One owl can eat 50 pounds of gophers in a year so it's a natural pest control for farmers. They were once a sign of victory in a battle and a symbol of death too.

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