Katherine Jackson reportedly suffered a stroke and family refuses to leave her side

Apr 17, 2018
09:22 P.M.
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Some families are held together by a strong member, and when this individual becomes ill, everyone loses their minds over it.


That seems to be the case with the matriarch of the Jackson legacy, Katherine Jackson, as she's not in a good condition.

According to Radar Online, her family has gathered around her as she is currently fighting for her life after a severe stroke.

The same outlet explained that the 87-year-old suffered a sudden and devastating stroke last week and is currently recovering at home while being comforted by her family.

“The family has all gathered around her to give her support,” an insider told Radar Online exclusively.


The same insider also explained that due to the fact that she's the one that takes care of everyone in the family, it is really mentally hard for her to cope with this reality.

Radar Online also revealed that the situation has also been extremely hard on Paris, her granddaughter, who rushed home from Coachella to see her.

The source explained that the children and the grandchildren are with her, not willing to leave her side, also claiming that she has the family around her 24/7 since the stroke.


Everyone is pretty surprised by this incident, as the mother-of-ten was said to be in perfectly good health right before the stroke.

Although she is already out of the hospital, resting next to her husband, Joe, she is having trouble speaking and has poor movement on the left side of her body.

“It’s really bad and very sudden. Joe has a team of nurses and Katherine now has in-home nurses. There are additional nurses now and they are both being cared for in their home,” the source added.