Susan Lucci is looking fabulous at age 71. Now she finally reveals her beauty secrets!

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 18, 2018
08:39 P.M.
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Even though Susan Lucci is 71 years old, her body is as strong as ever. She shared the type of workout she follows to look that good.


During an interview she had with Closer Weekly in which she explained the pros of her new activewear line with QVC, Lucci confessed that she does a very intensive pilates routine on a daily basis.

She admitted she has been working out for 20 years so far. While many people might believe a person as busy as Lucci doesn’t have enough time to do such an intense routine, she pointed out she always finds a break to fit in a session.

What she regularly does is getting up about half an hour earlier than needed, drink a cup of coffee, and start the routine with her Pilates Pro Chair.


She pointed out that it was difficult for her to get used to her strict workout plan, mostly because of lack of time. At that point, she was raising her children and running around with her career.

‘But in 25 minutes I can get a full body workout and the rest of the day no matter what happens I know I've done something good for myself.’

Susan Lucci, Closer Weekly, April 17. 2018.


Not only did she share her workout plan, but also the type of diet she has. Lucci revealed that she eats as healthy as possible and that she chooses a ‘Mediterranean kind of a diet.’

She admitted that she is one of those people who would choose to have fruit instead of a cheeseburger or an ice cream sundae.

Finally, she credited her mother for the good-looking genes she inherited from her and confessed that, when people have that kind of DNA, all they have to do is take care of it.

Nowadays, Lucci is working on the documentary series Deadly Affairs, wherein she has been working as its host since 2012.