Abby Lee Miller 'was going to die' after developing extremely unusual spinal infection

Apr 18, 2018
11:32 P.M.
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Even the medical staff was astonished at the rate of deterioration of the star's health.


As reported in an article published by People, Abbey Lee Miller was in a very critical situation after suffering from an intense spinal infection that rendered her body below the neck paralyzed.

Miller's orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Hooman M. Melamed, revealed that the Dance Moms star had to be taken to the emergency room after she experienced immense pain in her neck and weakness in her arm.

For the next two days, the condition of Miller started to deteriorate rapidly, as reported by Extra. Her weakness started to increase to undesirable levels and kept on getting worse in a span of 24 hours.

She was treated in Cedar Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital.



Melamed confessed that she would not make it before she was transferred to another hospital. He had decided to transfer Miller after her blood pressure dropped dramatically.

Melamed had done a CT scan of Miller and noticed an unusual infection that had reached the bottom of her neck and her lower back. Melamed admitted that he had never seen such an infection in his career. 


Melamed realized that if the medical team did not do something, Miller was possibly looking at a certain death. The 51-year-old choreographer was soon taken into surgery for a multi-level laminectomy on Tuesday.

The operation took 5 hours and needed an incision on her back that was 18 inches long. Melamed had to extract the back part of numerous of Miller's vertebrae t alleviate the pressure on her spinal cord.

Melamed mentioned that the root cause of her infection could not be determined with certainty. Such deadly infections can grip people who may have a history of diabetes or heart problems.

Miller had no such medical history. She made some progress in 24 hours post the surgery. Melamed said that he is hopeful that Miller will make a swift recovery.