Beyoncé stops hearts as she exposes too much after two humiliating wardrobe malfunctions

Apr 20, 2018
02:56 A.M.
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- AmoMama learned from 'RadarOnline' and 'Daily Mail' that Beyoncé had suffered wardrobe malfunctions on two occasions at her recent Coachella performance where she reunited with her all-girl group known as ‘Destiny’s Kids'.


- Beyoncé caused chaos at the Coachella performance recently when her wardrobe malfunctions almost destroyed the reunion with ‘Destiny’s Kids'.

- Everyone was amazed at Beyoncé's wardrobe malfunction on stage two consecutive times in a roll, but she managed to handle herself like a pro.



Beyoncé had a wardrobe malfunction on stage! Not once but twice in a row and everyone was taken aback.

Queen Bey headlined Coachella some days ago, and she made an appearance by bringing her girl group on stage in the person of Kelly and Michelle.

This started off as beautiful and the crowd was surprised to see the girl group back together, but they were soon in shock over Beyoncé’s wardrobe malfunction.


The performance was described by the social media network as a pic, but Beyoncé did not seem to have a good night.

The star singer and actress was recorded as the first black woman to headline Coachella on April 14, and her fans were astonished when she mounted the stage with two of her childhood friends.

Beyoncé’s dress was an epic failure, and everyone noticed it right away.


While she performed a dance routine with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, Beyoncé was caught on camera looking at her outfit to make sure there were no problems with it.

The malfunction, however, happened twice and everyone was alarmed by it at the Coachella show.

The first time it happened, Beyoncé almost paid no attention to it, then she danced on stage with her sister Solange, this time around the wardrobe malfunction was glaring.

Her knee boots gave way and slid down to her ankles, and she tried her best to keep her breasts from getting caught on camera when she bent down.


She had to perform for a number of minutes with her hand on her chest and the other holding the microphone.

She, however, had on a lot of pretty outfits for the show and soon enough, the wardrobe mishap was waved off.


Being a pro, Beyoncé handled the wardrobe malfunction with maturity and proceeded to bring her husband Jay Z on stage to perform ‘Deja vu' together.

The couple had recently given birth to a set of twin children, in addition to their first daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

The pregnancy had however stopped Beyoncé from performing for Coachella in 2017, but it looked like the delay paid off as Beyoncé was the first black woman in 2018 to headline Coachella.

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Source: Daily Mail,  RadarOnline