Mariah Carey was reportedly hospitalized after mental breakdown before confessing of illness

Apr 19, 2018
04:35 P.M.
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Reports have reached us that singer Mariah Carey was reportedly hospitalized after having a mental breakdown.


AmoMama shares with you the exclusive details of Mariah Carey’s mental episode amidst sexual harassment allegations from her former manager Stella Bulochnikov as reported by RadarOnline on April 17, 2018.


All hell has been let loose on singer Mariah Carey after she came out with the news of being a sufferer of Bipolar II Disorder. In an interview with People, Mariah came all out about her health woes as she confessed that she’s been living with Bipolar Disorder II  since 2001 when she was initially diagnosed.

Mariah might have had good intentions to encourage sufferers of the disease just like but her intentions were taken for granted as her former manager Stella Bulochnikov seized the opportunity to throw sexual allegations at the iconic singer.

Stella claims that the ‘All I Want For Christmas’ Crooner was mentally unstable and sexually abused her during her employment period.


Amidst the allegations, new details surfaced of Mariah’s battle with the disease. Reports are Mariah was once hospitalized after she had an episode back in 2016.

According to a source, Mariah’s nanny reached out to her then-husband Nick Cannon sometime in 2016 after she found the mother-of-two elegantly dressed in a ball gown and tiara and a Ring-pop which she claimed was given to her as a gift by the Royal family.


The songstress then ordered the nanny to get her two kids dressed for a party as Late Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince were attending the party. This was obviously a pointer to the fact that Mariah wasn’t her normal self as the stars mentioned were already dead as at that time.

Her then-husband, Nick Cannon, then called her then manager Stella after the reports he heard from the nanny, and minutes later she was rushed to a psychiatric hospital where she was put on an involuntary 5150 hold before being sent to a hotel along with a private doctor for further treatment.

This new development could be used by her former manager in allegations against Mariah for sexual abuse and substance abuse.