Monkey see, monkey do. Young gorillas show questionable behavior innocently imitating adults

Pedro Marrero
Apr 19, 2018
07:51 P.M.
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Visitors to the Rotterdam Zoo, in the Netherlands, noticed a strange behavior in two young gorillas that playfully interacted making suggestive poses.


The photos of the cute half-brothers entangled in what looked like rather adult poses have been shared many times on the internet by the amused crowd that witnessed the funny games between the two, as Daily Mail reported.

The young primates, named Aybo and Thabo, have brought laughter to anyone who sees them in person or in photos, mainly due to their age, considering that at just three years old they are almost ten years behind their gorilla adulthood.

Their apparently amorous positions might have been copied from behavior observed in adult gorillas with which they share facilities in the zoo. They probably were only imitating their older partners without really knowing what such movements were about.


Male gorillas generally become sexually mature between their 11 and 13 years, while the females do it from age 10.


Visitor of the zoo Shirley Kroos, 30, was one of the lucky ones present when the young gorillas showed the curious behavior and the pictures she took are amongst the most popular quickly spreading over the web.

‘They were doing some adult things with each other playfully. Before and after they were running around with some toys they were given by the zookeepers. So they were just in a playful mood and enjoyed each other's company,’ Kroos said.


'It was great watching these two boys having fun together - they made me laugh and it was very unique capturing them on camera,' she added.

This is not the first time when the gorillas at the Rotterdam Zoo have made the news around the world because of their behavior, although in the past it happened because of a much more gruesome incident.  

According to Dutch News, Bokito, a silverback gorilla born in captivity escaped from his enclosure and grabbed a woman and dragged her off, leaving her badly injured. Three other people were injured in the process of recapturing the animal.