Dorit Kemsley explains why she called Camille Grammer 'stupid'

Apr 19, 2018
09:14 P.M.
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The reality celeb opened up about her demeaning comments toward her co-star, claiming that she did not intend any harm.


Dorit Kemsley admitted that her attack on her The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Camille Grammer, was a result of 'heat and tequila' rather than any kind of strife.

Toofab quoted Kemsley as revealing that there was no intention behind her 'stupid [explicit]' comment on Grammer. She also stated that it was such a random remark that she never even thought that it would make it to the show.

On the episode that sees Kemsley criticizing Grammer, the ladies are at Kyle Richards' house for the dinner, and everyone begins to drink. Kemsley then begins to get upset about Richards' air conditioning not working.


Kemsley claimed how she was at one of her "best friends' houses," so she was relaxed and had "too many tequilas" on the night. She suggested that all of it led her to make the infamous remark on Grammer.

Meanwhile, Grammer did not take her comment in the light mode as Kemsley would have hoped. She retaliated in a later episode by gifting Kemsley a ball gag that would help her to 'shut her mouth.'

"I never had any issues with Camille. It was just a very silly moment that unfortunately happened, and you have to sort of pay the price afterward," the online source quoted Kemsley as explaining her decision.


Although Kemsley might have stated that she didn't have any problem with Grammer, it definitely seemed the other way around in Grammer's case.

In an earlier interview with TooFab, Grammer blamed Lisa Vanderpump for Kemsley's comments on her. She opened up about her suspicion that Vanderpump might have led Kemsley to make the comments.

Grammer further expressed her shock at the 'insult' from Kemsley because she believed that they had no issues with one another in the past.