9 things not-to-do with your dogs, because your pets hate them

Apr 20, 2018
06:03 A.M.
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These things might seem like excellent choices at first, but understanding that pets hate them could change too many people's minds.


Dogs are usually considered the best pets a man can have, as their peacefulness and allegiance can be humbling, but some people go overboard and annoy their pets.

The website Para los Curiosos shared nine things some people might be doing, thinking they're caring for their dogs, that, in fact, they hate to do.

First and foremost are hugs, as they may consider the action of a normal embrace as a treat. By observing their body language anyone can realize if they're being annoying to the dog.

Getting face-to-face contact with them might be considered a treat by most dogs too, making them feel uncomfortable, even more, when done by strangers. If it's needed, it's better to do it calmly, as it is also important to reward it.

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Not letting the dog sniff around during walks, as they all love to go for a little hike for many more reasons than just being able to exercise. They love to explore, usually through their smell. Marking their territory is also important to them.

Some rules and a good routine are things that should be incorporated, as their "internal clocks" need it to be healthier and happier. Set an eating, walking, and exercising schedule for the dog to grow stronger.

Yelling and punishments can be tricky sometimes. These animals can't understand every little detail, but they manage to sense emotions. Avoid yelling at them when punshing them, as they'll become scared for it. Try to teach them keywords just for punishment's sake.


Clothes and costumes are cute, but the truth is that this could be too much of a burdain for them, even imparing their behavior. Avoid it at all costs. If needed, due to climate conditions, it should be done with light clothing, and rewards must be given to it while accustoming to the situation.

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Their sense of smell is one of the most specialized in the whole nature kingdom, being the best way for them to explore their surrounding. It is really important no to shove strong-smelling things at their faces, as they could irritate for it.

Leaving them alone for long periods of time is not recommended, as they need to be accompanied by their owners, or even other dogs, for the long to be satisfied. Spend as much time as possible with the dog in order for it not to feel lonely.

Forcing them to do something they don't like isn't also the greatest idea. By watching its behavior, is really easy to tell if a dog wants to do something or not. They shouldn't be forced, as this creates too much stress on them.