Son of a famous 90's singer who died in a freak accident at 46 has grown up into a handsome teen

Apr 20, 2018
07:48 A.M.
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- One of 'Brownstone' former members tragically passed away at 46 on February 28, 2015, after a freak accident that reportedly happened in her dwelling place.


- She left behind one child, her son to her Danish record producer husband who is better known in the industry as Soulshock. 

- Now, we spotted recent snaps and clips of her teen son on her husband and son's Instagram posts through 'ILOSM.' 


We at AmoMama remember Charmayne Maxwell or as popularly called Maxee through her son.

In the above picture, which we routed out from Maxee's Instagram account, is Charmayne Maxwell with her husband Carsten Schack and their only child, their son Nicholas Schack.

As evident in Maxee's caption, it's their son's birthday.

At the time of her death, her son was just 11 years old as reported by 'The Sydney Morning Herald,' while 'I Love Old School Music' reported that Nicholas was 12 then.

'TSMH' press time was on March 4, 2015, and 'ILOSM' press time was on July 7, 2015. 


So, if Nicholas was 11 or 12 when his mom passed away, he's probably 14 or 15 years old today, and as we look through her Instagram snaps, her son is perfect mixed of her and her husband.

Nevertheless, Maxee and Nicholas shared a close mother and son relationship together as they're almost always seen together in one snap.


Maxee posted this heartwarming photo of the father and son on her Instagram account which she posted sometime in May of 2014 on her son's birthday as evident in the caption we routed and posted below.


So, if her son's birth month is May, and based on the age that the source media outlets provided, we can, therefore, say that Nicholas was 12 years old when his mom passed away. 

Today, he will be turning 15 this coming May.


The young man is a sports enthusiast, unlike his musically inclined parents, as apparent in his mom's social media snaps such as the one above. 

Apparently, Nicholas Schack is a soccer player who alongside with his teammates won the 'Surf Cup TFA,'as evident in the picture below.


By looking at the picture above, we believe that Maxee is a happy and proud mom just like she used to be when she was still alive with her son.

She posted the picture above which she penned down a winning caption.

'Champions of the Surf Cup!!!! TFA!!!(soccer balls emojis)'


This, as shown above, is how tall and big Nicholas Shack is today as his father recently shared this snap in late March as they apparently played foosball together which the proud dad penned down in his caption.

The young man also has his own Instagram account where he posted a series of videos and pictures of himself these past few days. 

Maxee should be all hearts watching her son in heaven. 

Hasn't Nicholas grown into one young debonair?

Source: I Love Old School Music, FrostSnow, The Sydney Morning Herald