O.J. Simpson’s son saw Nicole Brown murdered, claimed his pal

Apr 21, 2018
01:38 A.M.
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A new information emerged about the presence of an unlikely witness during one of the most infamous murders of the 20th century.


According to a revelation from journalist Allison Kugel, she spoke to Tom Scotto, a longtime confidant of O.J. Simpson, right before his death at the age of 56 due to complications from pneumonia.

The Hollywood Gossip reported that Kugel now claimed that Scotto revealed to him some of the details about the night when Simpson killed wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Scotto told Kugel that Jason, Simpson's son, had arrived on the scene of the murder unexpectedly that night, the journalist disclosed.

Simpson's confidante told Kugel that Simpson went "berserk," ran to his car and brought a knife with him. After murdering Brown, he felt that he had no other choice than to kill Goldman as well.


Jason showed up at the murder scene right then. But there was no more time left for cleaning up the murder he had committed. So he simply threatened his son and told him to go away.

Scotto also revealed that Jason somehow had a hunch that "something bad" was about to happen at Brown's house, which was why he had unexpectedly arrived at his stepmother's house.

Kugel further informed that she is convinced about Scotto's revelation about Jason being a witness to the murders because of the way and the manner in which Scotto made the confession.


"[Scotto] didn’t come out right away and it didn’t come out in a casual manner. It was more like a serious confidential conversation, and Tom said O.J. cried several times," the online source quoted the journalist as revealing.

This opened the debate regarding whether or not any legal action might be taken against Jason if the newfound information is proved to be true.

Legal expert Peter Gleason explained that Jason might be subject to further questioning if the police authorities decide to re-open the case. However, he suggested that it was highly unlikely.