Students reject girl on Valentine's Day. Older boy unexpectedly steps in to teach them a lesson

Apr 22, 2018
01:12 A.M.
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The middle-schooler was devastated when nobody gave her a gift for Valentine’s Day. The next day, she received a special surprise.


Aislinn Bowermaster loved to celebrate Valentine’s Day. She was so excited for the special holiday that she stayed up late to make gifts and goodies.

The 12-year-old baked heart-shaped cookie treats for everyone in her class the night before February 14th.

She went to school the next morning feeling excited only to be heartbroken when she found out that nobody from her classmates had given her gifts or cards.

Aislinn was devastated as she looked at her classmates exchanging gifts and treats.

Source: Pixabay

To make matters worse, she was even bullied on that day because of her weight.


Aislinn went home from school in tears. Her mother, Kristin, was very worried about her daughter.

No matter how much Kristin consoled Aislinn, she still felt bad and locked herself in her room for hours.

Kristin shared that she decided to call her best friend Abby to ask for help. She wanted to cheer her daughter up.

Faith Tap revealed that Abby talked to her stepson and told her what happened to Aislinn.

The next day, Abby’s stepson, Isaiah, decided he wanted to do something for Kristin’s daughter.


He went to Aislinn’s school during lunch time and the whole thing was recorded on video.

Isaiah searched the school cafeteria for Aislinn. He can be seen carrying a big teddy bear, a bouquet of flowers, and a box of chocolates.

As he walked around in search of the middle-schooler, the students inside the cafeteria were watching Isaiah, curious about what was happening.

Soon enough, Aislinn entered the huge room and saw who was waiting for her.

She walked slowly towards Isaiah with her hands covering her face. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

Isaiah handed her the gifts and hugged her. Everyone in the cafeteria roared with applause and cheers.