Jealous Husband: a fun story for your daily dose of that all-important laughter

Apr 27, 2018
08:28 P.M.
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Laughter is the best medicine for all the woes and stress that life throws at us every day.


Here is a funny story of a jealous husband and a smart wife that will leave you in splits of laughter. 

Laughter helps in not only in lightening the mood but also in reducing stress. Sharing laughter with colleagues, friends, or family can brighten up one’s mood, bring in good vibes, and bring positive changes in one life.

For all the troubles and stress in one’s life, one free solution is the laughter. No matter how sad one might feel, laughter can is the solution at such times.

It also helps in maintaining good health, boosting one’s confidence, and developing immunity.


Here is a joke that will brighten up the day and fulfill your daily dose of laughter.

A jealous husband called his wife one afternoon and asked her loving, “Hey wife. Can you tell me where you are now, my love?”

The wife answered that she was at home.

The husband did not know if she was telling the truth. He asked her if she was sure she was at home.

The wife very confidently said that she was indeed at home. 

The man, still doubtful of his wife’s whereabouts, requested his wife to turn on the blender so he could hear it. He wanted to be absolutely sure she was at home and not anywhere else.


The wife did as she was asked to do. She turned on the blender and the husband was happy and relieved to hear the sound of the appliance.

He hung up happy that his wife was home after all.

However, he called her the next day again. He asked her the same question, “Hey wife. Can you tell me where you are now, my love?”

The wife, with the same confident tone, said that she was at home. The man wanted to be sure again.

He asked her to turn on the blender again for him so he could hear it. The wife again did the same without asking any questions. Relieved, the man hung up.

The next day, the man decided to surprise his wife and went home without a warning. When he reached his home, he was surprised to find their son alone while his wife was not around.

He asked his son where his mother was, to which the little boy replied, “I don’t know. But she has gone out with the blender!”