Did you know that your body can be detoxified through the feet?

Apr 24, 2018
10:00 A.M.
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An effective method to clean the body of toxins through the feet.


The Chinese reflexology lists methods to detoxify the body using ingredients found in every home, reported Daily Organic Recipes.

The feet have natural energy zones and they are linked directly to important organs in the human body, according to the Chinese reflexology system.

The feet and other similar zones help detoxify and clean the body of toxins keeping you healthier. Here are ways through which one can keep the body clean through the feet.

The foot bath

This method closely resembles electrolysis in which electrical current creates a powerful chemical reaction. 


The warm water helps open up the pores in the feet, while the salt works as an anti-inflammatory agent.

The most important part of the process is that the ions are absorbed in the feet which then clean the body of toxins. When the salt gets dark, it is a clear indication of the method doing its job.

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Salt detox recipe

The three things required are a cup each of sea salt and Epsom salts and two cups of baking soda.

Add the ingredients in a pot of boiling water and leave it for some time. Pour the warm water into a tub and then add ACV (apple cider vinegar).

Soak the feet in the tub for about 30 minutes to achieve the best results. The process helps in increasing the magnesium levels in the body, relieving irritation on the skin, and detoxifying the body. 

A clear sign of the process working is when the person fees tired.


Clay detox recipe

The ingredients required are half a cup of Epsom salts and half a cup of bentonite clay.

Fill a tub with some hot water and the Epsom salts. Some essential oils can also be poured into the tub.

Then mix the bentonite clay with some water with a wooden spoon before adding it to the bath. Leave the feet in it for about 30 minutes to clean the body of toxins.


Oxygen detox recipe

A tablespoon of dry ginger powder and two cups of hydrogen peroxide are the ingredients required for this method.

Add ginger and hydrogen peroxide to warm water in a tub. Sock in it for about 30 minutes to effectively remove toxins from the body.

Foot detox pads

If you are someone who has limited time, use this detox method. The detox pads can be found at any health store and are not very expensive.

These should be applied on the soles before going to bed. By the following morning, they will be dark if the body has been cleaned of toxins.