Woman makes a startling realization regarding the doctor who just delivered her baby

Apr 24, 2018
12:51 A.M.
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A new mother from Nebraska told her doctor an exciting detail about her, her partner, and their new baby. The doctor was startled upon hearing it.


Kristina McIntosh and Kyle Smith were happy to find out that they were supposedly going to welcome their first-born on McIntosh’s birthday. Although, seeing as how pregnancies can become very unpredictable, McIntosh experienced early contractions.

She recalled how painful it was causing the doctor to decide they had to have an emergency C-section.

Spirited Bliss revealed that the baby was delivered successfully. The couple named the new baby girl, Hunter-Rose Smith.


Before the delivery, the couple found out that Dr. Jorge Sotolongo, the doctor who performed the C-section, was actually the one who delivered them both over 20 years ago.

McIntosh is now 21 years old and Smith is 23.

They found out when they were looking at Smith’s birth certificate as they were waiting for McIntosh’s initial due date.

McIntosh shared how she felt weird upon knowing the truth since she thought she had never met Sotolongo in her life. Her mother confirmed that Sotolongo was indeed her doctor back then.

For Dr. Sotolongo, he truly had no idea. After the procedure, he went outside the room and looked for Smith to tell him about the successful operation.


It was at that point when Smith told him about the exciting detail.

Smith recalled, “He comes over, ‘Everything went great,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, it was probably the same situation when you delivered me,’ and he had kind of a puzzled look. And that’s when I told him, yeah, he had delivered me. He was kind of shocked.”

Dr. Sotolongo was excited to learn what he just found out. He said he was surprised and at the same time, he realized just how long he had been doing his job.

McIntosh also shared how she, Smith, and baby Hunter-Rose had an instant bonding moment after they learned that they were all delivered by the same doctor.