Ron White’s hilarious Dr. Phil story will have you smiling all day

Junie Sihlangu
Apr 24, 2018
11:44 A.M.
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The comedian shared a funny story about the time when he was invited on Dr. Phil’s yacht. At the time, it was Ron White’s first time on the annual vacation.


The joke he told on the yacht almost got him in trouble. According to Rare, his wife was furious with him and banished him to their hotel room because of it.

During one of Ron White’s comedy sets, he shared a story about being on Dr. Phil’s yacht. Dr. Phil had invited the comedian and some of his conservative friends from Dallas.

They were on their annual Mediterranean yacht vacation. While on the boat, White found a rare and expensive Scotch on board which he proceeded to drink.


The comedian drank the whole bottle by himself. Around the same time, his wife, the singer Margo Rey, had begun singing on deck.

Her unexpected concert caused several nearby yacht-owners to sail closer to Dr. Phil’s yacht. White was then asked to do a set for the audience of wealthy boaters without them realizing he was drunk.

He gladly obliged but the comedian naturally doesn’t have a filter. The alcohol just served to make matters worse for the star.             



“You just had to do the Eisenhower joke, didn’t you?”

Margo Rey, Rare, August 9, 2017

Not thinking straight, White decided to tell a very crude sexual story about Mamie Eisenhower. The story was so bad that the audience was sent fleeing.

White was ordered back to the hotel by his wife. On his way, he slipped while getting off the boat and severely injured himself.


Rey yelled at him for telling that particular joke. As fate would have it, instead of getting in trouble with Dr. Phil, the doctor called him the next morning and asked when he and his wife were coming over.

The comedian managed to dodge a bullet.