Wow! Cape Coral man reels in giant goliath grouper from a kayak

Apr 26, 2018
04:10 A.M.
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A fisherman in Florida can now tell a tale of a lifetime.

Advertisement reported that a video featuring Jon Black reeling in a Goliath Grouper has gone viral.

It was indeed the ‘catch of a lifetime’ and he even has a video to prove it. Black, a fisherman from Cape Coral, almost caught a huge fish from his kayak.

The grouper then broke the line and swam free. During the struggle, it also gave the fisherman a scare when it passed right beneath the boat.

Black had set out with some friends to catch a Goliath. He spoke to NBC-2 about his adventure.


“I can tell when he bit it was a big one. He went way under the piling and we used steel cable and he was up there fighting.”

Jon Black, NBC-2, May 27, 2015.

It was a new experience for the fisherman when he battled the five-hundred-pound Goliath Grouper for about six minutes before it surfaced. 


Black added that it was “unreal” for him to see the fish come up. He soon released the fish after taking an educated guess on its size and weight.

The incident made him one of the most popular fishermen in the area. Everyone wanted to know the bait he used and he was more than happy to share the secret – a Jack Crevalle.


Groupers can grow up to eight feet in length and 800 pounds and mostly eat small mudfish and crab. Their size makes them quite a catch. It is usually found in shallow tropical waters among coral and artificial reefs.

National Football League Linebacker, Sam Barrington, gave it a try once and the boat caught four groupers. 

Robert Arrington is a YouTuber whose brother came across a grouper when he was diving for lionfish. He ended up losing his GoPro only to get it back when the fish spit it out the next day.