Bride cannot keep from hysterics after her groom screws up the wedding vows

When the bridegroom messes up while reading his wedding vow, the reaction of the bride lights up the ceremony.

On one of the most special days of a couple's life, a bridegroom slips up his line and completely mispronounces a word. Fortunately for him, the bride chooses to see the funnier side of it as she bursts out in laughter.

According to The Epoch Time, the video clip shared on social media showed how every couple must approach long-term relationships - with 'a sense of humor.'

In the video opens with the lovely couple holding each other's hands while staring lovingly into each other's eyes. While the pastor reads the line, the bridegroom repeats them with as much love and emotion as he could muster.

Then comes the moment when the pastor reads the line, ' be my lawfully wedded wife,' and the bridegroom attempts to repeat it.

Unfortunately, he somehow slips up and fails to pronounce the word, 'lawfully,' correctly. In the video, the bridegroom can be seen saying the word, but it sounds close to 'woefully' rather than 'lawfully.'

The bride immediately loses her control and starts laughing. Then the others join her, including the pastor and the entire audience.

The bridegroom tries to suppress his laughter and attempts to say the line yet again, but everyone had already lost their control by then.

"I've been scared of this whole my life," the bridegroom can be seen joking about the situation, while the bride's laughter turns to even wilder shrieks.

The pastor then attempts to read the wedding vows from the beginning, but on the very first line, the soon-to-be husband and wife both burst out laughing. The video ends with the pastor jokingly telling the audience that 'the court will take a recess.

The short clip reveals how weddings are meant to be a fun event filled with joy and laughter, even if there might be a few mess-ups.

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