Soldier hugs his daughter after returning home. He isn't aware of the surprise that awaits him

Cheryl Kahla
Apr 28, 2018
06:36 A.M.
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Sergeant Joshua Withers hadn't seen his daughter, Bianca, in three years. When he was discharged, the only thing he could think of was seeing his family again.


After three years in Germany, Withers tried to keep his return to the States a secret, because he wanted to surprise the 6-year-old Bianca by showing up at her school. 

As reported by Newsner, Bianca's mother, Felicia, made her own arrangements. Instead of keeping it a secret from her daughter, she told Bianca that her father was on his way. 

The mother and daughter team also got Bianca's school involved, and the students the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Wausau organized a surprise 'welcome home' party for Sergeant Withers. 


They painted a banner for the occasion, and Bianca's mother arranged for photographers and the press to attend the small ceremony as well. 

On the day of Sergeant Withers' return, she asked the Bianca to share stories and memories about her father, and Bianca described how much she had missed him while he was away. 

Sergeant Withers' was still under the impression that Bianca didn't know about his return, and his wife told him to arrive at the school wearing his uniform. 

She explained that Bianca, who hasn't seen her father in three years, would recognize him by his uniform.


When the class received word that Sergeant Withers had arrived at the school grounds, they prepared themselves. 

As Sergeant Withers walked into the school's auditorium, the class started to recite the United States' Pledge of Allegiance

When Bianca saw her father, she bolted from her mother's side, straight into his arms. They held each other tightly for a seconds before they joined the rest of the class. 

The soldier was moved to tears with the excitement of seeing his family again, and he was honored that the community had gone through so much trouble to welcome him home.