'NCIS' star Pauley Perrette says a tearful goodbye after 15 years

Apr 25, 2018
05:42 P.M.
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American actress Pauley Perrette is now sad after her goodbye to the longlasting TV series, claiming that she earned that time for herself.


Forensic specialist Abby Sciuto, Pauley Perrette's character on NCIS, was always on the fans' heart, but after 15 years, she said goodbye to the series.

According to CBS News, the 49-year-old actress is now having a tough time letting go of the character, claiming that she often found herself crying in her vehicle due to the struggle that caused.

"I'm still grieving. And it's sad. I, like, usually cry in my car every single day when I drive to work. And I usually cry on my way home at some point. And then I take a deep breath, and I go, 'All right,' you know?" she said.

Perrette said that part of the reason why she loved the character was that forensic science became more interesting for young women.


According to Inquisitr, she always said that although she loves her career as an actress, the spotlight that comes with the job isn't her cup of tea.

"It's being a commodity. It's just very dehumanizing. I hope I'm not wrong, but I think that I have earned a little bit of time to myself. Just stay home. Go to church."

Perrette also claimed that she earned more privacy, as the actress prefers quieter evenings at home, sharing time with her dogs.


When asked about pursuing a love life, the actress quickly explained that romance wasn't a good fit for her and that although she tried, there's no more energy for it.

"I don't have to have a boyfriend, or a husband, or a girlfriend, or anything, you know?' I don't need any of that. Like, I do whatever I want. I do whatever I want. And I think that is rad!" she added.

The actress said that although she's not sure about her future projects, there are a lot of conversations and offers for where to go next.