Ultrasound reveals why this mama pit bull was so eager to give birth

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 26, 2018
06:48 A.M.
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The love that Chris and Mariesa have for animals goes above and beyond. They have rescued many dogs from shelters and given them a better life with other families.


In some cases, they keep the dogs they adopt, which means that their home is filled with pets. Something similar happened with Storie, a pit bull they found in a shelter, reported We Love Animals.

Even though the couple’s house was crowded already, they knew that they had to take Storie with them because she was pregnant. An ultrasound revealed that she was expecting 12 puppies and giving birth in a shelter would be too stressful for them.

Chris and Mariesa knew that taking care of 12 puppies plus all their existing responsibilities would be a hard task, but they just couldn’t leave Storie alone, so they took her home.


As soon as they arrived, the couple provided the expectant mother with pretty much everything she needed: a comfy bed, plenty of water, and food. They knew her due date was close, but never expected to be that close.

A few hours after they took her home, she began delivering pup after pup. In no time, her 12 little dogs were laying down next to their mother. Chris and Mariesa pointed out that it was just like she was waiting to be comfortable to give birth.


All puppies were healthy and grew up without complications. They opened their eyes two weeks after being born and had different personalities. Some were active while some others preferred taking things in a more relaxed way.

Chris confessed he wanted to keep one of the puppies and Mariesa pointed out she wanted another one but, since they were taking care of so many dogs already, they ended up giving them for adoption.

Nowadays, all 12 puppies live in different homes where they are being treated with love and care. Storie also moved to the house of Chris’ best friend, Ryan, where the couple can go and visit her whenever they want.