Kind stranger saves distressed foal trapped on broken bridge

Apr 26, 2018
11:08 A.M.
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When a baby horse got itself stuck on a bridge with no sort of rescue coming from anywhere, a man rises up to the occasion.


A video clip released on the internet showed how a person used his calm demeanor to help a baby horse and its mother cross a bridge. According to The Epoch Times, the video proved how someone can go 'out of their way' to help another being in need.

The video clip opens with a man filming a horse that is standing close to its baby that has got itself stuck in a part of the bridge. The foal seemed to have got itself into big trouble as it cannot get itself out.

The mother watches on, helpless, as it clearly seems unable to do anything to get its baby out of the misery. So she simply stands by her side, keeping a watch, but hopeless about being able to anything for its baby.


That was when the man filming the entire incident decided to take action. In the video clip, we can see the camera being put down and the man approaching the frightened animals.

The man takes extremely slow steps while trying to help the baby horse. He seems to be making sure that the mother does not panic when he approaches her baby. He did not want the mother to think that he was trying to hurt the foal.


It takes him a few trials and a lot of effort, but he finally manages to pull the baby horse out of the bridges crack where it had got itself stuck.

But the man doesn't stop there. Just to ensure that the baby doesn't put itself right back into one of the other cracks on the bridge, he carries the foal safely across the bridge before allowing the mother horse and its baby back on their way.

The man deserved all the credit for not just doing a good deed but also handling the situation with intelligence and empathy.