Whoopi Goldberg admits she supports Trump on a controversial issue

Cheryl Kahla
Apr 26, 2018
04:07 P.M.
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When three UCLA basketball players were arrested in China for shoplifting, President Trump intervened, and the Chinese government released the players.


The incident made headlines across the nation. After their release, the father of the one of the students, Lavar Ball, refused to thank Trump and felt the President played a minor role in their release. 

Surprised that he was receiving backlash after having assisted the students, President Trump took to social media, as one does, and tweeted that he 'should have left them in jail.' 

As reported by American Web Media, one of Trump's most vocal critics took his side on the matter. Actress and show host on The View, Whoopi Goldberg, said Ball embarrassed the country and the President. 


"Apparently they went into Louis Vuitton and thought it was a good idea to maybe walk out with something. You're in China; you're this big. It's not like [...] your gonna blend in. What are you thinking?"

Whoopi Goldberg, YouTube / Washington Free Beacon, November 16, 2017. 

Goldberg admitted that she doesn't always agree with President Trump, but the fact still stands that he came through for the students when they were in need of assistance. 

Joy Behar asked Goldberg if she believed they should be punished, and what the extent of the punishment should be. Goldberg answered that they should be suspended 'for a month.'


Everybody on the show concurred with Goldberg's assessment, and Sunny Hostin added that it's a serious matter when the President of the United States has to contact the President of another country to intervene. 

Hostin told her fellow hosts that she was offended because the youths were supposed to act as representatives of the United States. Instead, they turned out to be an embarrassment.

According to CBS News, shoplifting is a serious crime in China and could carry a jail sentence of up to ten years.