Here's a few reasons why 'Sister Wives' star Kody Brown isn't winning 'husband of the year' soon

Apr 26, 2018
10:45 P.M.
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Kody Brown supposedly did and have said some things that make fans believe he is an unfit husband.


Sister Wives has built quite a huge following over time. Many of the fans seem to think that Kody is not a very good husband to his wives.

In Touch Weekly shared a number of facts that can prove the above-mentioned statement.

Even though his four wives seem to think that Kody’s actions are “cute and funny,” the viewers somehow see it as offensive.

One of the things that the media outlet has pointed out is the time when Kody was once appalled by how ‘chubby’ Christine eats nachos. He was so repulsed by it that he almost canceled the wedding.


In the book Becoming Sister Wives, Kody wrote that he found Christine ‘a little chubby.’

He also shared the nachos incident and wrote, ‘The sight of those nachos turned my stomach. I couldn't watch her eat them. She must've been starving, because she was eating so quickly, and there was chili sauce and nacho cheese everywhere.’

To make matters worse, Kody also revealed in an interview that he was never physically attracted to Christine at all.


Christine, who was in the same room, looked flabbergasted afterward.

During their wedding, Kody made Christine feel sad when he thought that her wedding gown was “ugly,” which supposedly made him feel like he was not into the wedding the whole time.

In one of their tell-all specials, Kody also revealed that he was not attracted to his fourth wife too, Robyn.


Kody explained that Robyn was “like a soccer mom” and that he didn’t need a divorced woman with three kids and a van in his life. Despite what he said, they still ended up married.

Another disturbing incident was when Kody openly revealed that he no longer likes to be intimate with his first wife, Meri.

Kody has done many things that make his wives feel belittled. There was also one time when Kody told his wives that he wants them to “obey” him.