Marie Osmond recently had a complete change in look. Can you recognize her now?

Apr 27, 2018
05:22 A.M.
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She was almost unrecognizable after one of her most signature features was slightly altered.


As reported by Closer Weekly, American singer and actress Marie Osmond stunned her followers by sporting blond hair in one of her social media updates.

Osmond’s was known for her dark brown hair and it was one of her most recognizable features. Her fans and followers did not expect it to change ever.

Osmond shared a picture of herself with her close friend as they were posing on a prop table against a backdrop of rushing waves. They intended to make the photo appear as if they were surfing the waves.

Although the picture was meant to highlight that the duo was having a good time, social media users couldn't help themselves but comment on the shade of Osmond’s hair color.


Osmond's social media update soon gained traction and her feed started filling up with comments about the unexpected change. She received remarks about her new blonde locks in comparison to the signature brunette look.

While netizens expressed their views on the post, one statement previously made by Osmond was worth noting.

When Osmond was continuing a chat thread with TV show host Wendy Williams, she shared that she often wore a blonde wig when she went on an outing with her children.

Osmond's children were accustomed to their mother being blonde. She wished to keep that image intact by wearing a blonde wig.


The singer has frequently shared pictures of herself in a blonde wig via her social media account. This indicates that she is open to using them and the photo in question was not a totally surprising move.

In 2015, Osmond had posted a picture of herself in blonde hair, and that post too received many comments from social media users.

In the photo, Osmond was a teenager, and she captioned it by stating that the photograph was proof of her originally having blonde hair.