Red haired Indian girl was called a monster, but 20 years later she looks unrecognizable

Apr 27, 2018
06:29 A.M.
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She was discriminated for being different and strangers asked her to take pictures with them.


Pooja Ganatra was born in Mumbai, India, with pale white skin, green eyes, and red hair. She was born a healthy baby like everyone else but her appearance made her unique.

According to Por qué no se me ocurrió, these were rather unusual features for a person to have in her location.

Unfortunately, due to her appearance, she became an easy target for hating and bullying at school. She started feeling insecure and stopped playing with other children.

People in her home city always asked her for pictures with them, as she were a foreigner. Every single time she surprised them by speaking their language.


This whole situation was undesirable to Ganatra. As time went by, she started feeling worse about it. She felt insecure and sad for being different.


She could not make any friends at school easily. She would get pointed out anywhere she went and was harassed for her skin complexion and hair color.

Ganatra described her situation as a living hell. She wished that she could just go to school or get out of the house like anyone else in her country.

One day, she gathered the courage to leave her country and get to know other cultures. She realized that it was a blessing being different as no one could ever forget her.


She felt proud and better about herself. She confessed that she doesn't allow anyone to make her feel insecure anymore. Ganatra loved being herself and now she has the confidence to present a big smile people who stare at her.

She shared her story on social media to encourage people to fight together against discrimination and bullying. She urged people to not pay attention to critics as they are concerned about other people's lives than themselves.

Ganatra used to believe that she was wrong in some way, but her wanderlust made her realize that her looks were nature's gift to her.