Rebbie Jackson has 2 good-looking daughters. The oldest girl is a copy of her aunt Janet

Apr 27, 2018
08:00 A.M.
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- Rebbie Jackson, the eldest child of the musical Jackson family, has two beautiful daughters.


- Daughter Yashi shared a stunning pic to Instagram together with her older sister Stacee and Stacee is said to look very similar to her famous aunt Janet Jackson.

- Rebbie chose to marry at a very early age and share three children with her childhood sweetheart.


AmoMama learned from Instagram that Rebbie Jackson’s daughter, Yashi, shared a beautiful pic of her together with her sis Stacee.

Some believe that Stacee bears a striking resemblance to her aunt Janet Jackson, while others believe both the girls look every much like Rebbie.


Rebbie decided to marry her childhood sweetheart, Nathaniel Brown, when she was only 18 years old.

Katherine, Rebbie’s mother, encouraged the union as she felt that being a wife and mother and having a stable family life would be good for her daughter.

But father Joe was against it because he wanted Rebbie to pursue a career as a singer just like her siblings.

Although Rebbie had taken classes in a variety of instruments in her childhood, she had no interest in becoming a musician.

Brother Jermaine has however said that Rebbie won many singing contests duetting together with brother Jackie.


Despite this, Rebbie was determined and chose a stable family life over the uncertainty of a showbiz career.


Rumors were that she wanted to leave her parent’s drama-filled home and get away from her controlling father.

Apparently, this decision caused a temporary rift in the Jackson family, with many arguments ensuing, until Joe relented and let Rebbie marry Nathaniel.

Joe, however, showed his disdain by refusing to walk his daughter down the aisle.


Nathaniel and Rebbie went on to share three children: Stacee, born in 1971, Yashi, born in 1977, and son Austin, born in 1985.

After many years of marriage, Nathaniel passed away from cancer in January of 2013.

It seems that even though Joe Jackson believed Rebbie was making the wrong choice, she enjoyed a happy and long marriage to her childhood sweetheart.

Daughters Stacee and Yashi are the product of their union and they are certainly two beautiful women.

Do you think Rebbie’s daughter resembles her aunt Janet Jackson?

Source: Instagram