Couple with 13 boys makes headlines after announcing the sex of their 14th baby

Apr 27, 2018
09:37 A.M.
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Jay and Kateri Schwandt recently welcomed their fourteenth child. With the first 13 being all males, Jay hoped that their last one would be a girl.


During Kateri’s pregnancy, Jay had the feeling that this time was going to be different. He felt in his gut that a girl will be brought into their big family.

He was proven wrong when Kateri gave birth to a baby boy weighing eight pounds and four ounces.

Even though Jay wanted a girl, he was still very happy to have welcomed his son.

Talking to People, Jay shared that the fourteenth pregnancy was just as exciting as the first one. Although he clarified that this would probably the last pregnancy in the Schwandt family.


"[Kateri and I] are both in our 40s now so we know we're coming to the end of this,” said Jay.

Many are intrigued how the couple managed to have produced 14 boys. The odds are highly unlikely but somehow, they managed to do it.


They named their youngest boy Finley and the two parents have fallen in love with him the first time they laid their eyes on him.

Finley’s big brothers are ecstatic to welcome him into the family as well.


As for the baby’s middle name, the couple recalled how Kateri’s father used to tell them a story.

Supposedly, a Native American chief had many sons and he was certain that his next child would be a girl.

When the baby turned out to be another boy, the chief named his son, Sheyboygan, which came from “She’s a boy again.”

Kateri and Jay instantly knew that the name was a perfect fit for their baby boy.

The couple’s eldest son is now 25 years old and his name is Tyler. Following him are Zach, 22, Drew, 21, Brandon, 19, Tommy, 16, Vinny, 15, Calvin, 12, Gabe, 11, Wesley, 9, Charlie, 8, Luke, 6, Tucker, 4, Francisco, 2, and finally, baby Finley.