Woman walking her dog rescues abandoned baby from storm drain

Apr 27, 2018
03:02 P.M.
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She was shocked when she realized that it was a crime scene.


Animal Channel reported on the alarming incident in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where an abandoned baby was tracked down and rescued by a dog and a dog owner.

Charmaine Keevy was taking a stroll with her dog Georgie when she noticed that Georgie was behaving weirdly. The dog was adamantly standing near a storm drain and barking frantically.

Keevy leaned in closer to examine what had caught Georgie’s attention, That is when she heard a feeble cry, almost like the faint meowing of a cat.

Curious to trace the source of the sound, she kneeled near the drain and tried to take a closer look at the drain. 


She soon discovered that the sound was that of an infant weeping from inside the drain. Realizing that she would need help in getting the baby out, Keevy stopped a car on the street.


She explained the emergency to Cornie Viljoen, who immediately agreed to help. Viljoen pulled out a steel bar from his car’s toolbox and began making a hole in the cover of the storm drain.

Once the hole was big enough for him to slide through, Viljoen descended into the drain and landed 6 feet under the ground. Unfortunately, he was also attacked by a swarm of red ants.


The hole was tight, and due to the limited space, Viljoen could not look down to locate the baby. Instead, he was forced to scout for the baby by running his hand all over the ground.

He continued to investigate even his legs began to hurt severely because of the stinging red ants. The suddenly, he felt a baby leg. Viljoen looked down and saw an infant baby weeping. 

It struck him that the place where he was standing was, in fact, a scene of the crime. Viljoen first clicked a picture of the hole and the baby and shared it with Keevy.


Miraculously, the baby had not been bitten by the ants. Keevy and Viljoen called for emergency services, after which the baby was rushed to the nearest hospital.

While the doctors detected and treated respiratory problems and hypothermia, the police stated that someone had deliberately lifted the drain cover and dropped the child in the hole.

The baby girl is said to have recovered well and was named Grace April.