Designed for the elderly, these 'granny pods' allow your ageing parents to move in hassle free

Apr 27, 2018
03:07 P.M.
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These compact-looking homes come with high-tech appliances.


Simple Most reported on the latest trend in housing for elderly people, which combines the comfort of a private home with the convenience of a nursing home.

This uniquely constructed house is known as a granny pod or a MEDCottage. It resembles a studio apartment or a guest house in its architecture. 

The major add-on of this accommodation facility is that it comes with a host of medical facilities and equipment that senior citizens might need access to.

A basic MEDCottage is priced at about $85,000 and the range increases up to $125,000. The regular size of this house is 12 ft x 24 ft, which is the conventional size of most master bedrooms.


MEDCottages are a practical solution co-created by a firm based in Blacksburg, Virginia and Virginia Tech. These cottages can also be fit into a backyard of an accommodating size.

The house is compatible with the usage of wheelchairs and strollers. For extra support and ease of mobility, the house also has hand railings, CCTV and more.


Loneliness is a common downside of sending elderly people to old age homes or institutions. Also, it becomes hard to keep a tab on the regular consumption of prescribed medication and diet.


MEDCottage addresses this problem with its virtual companion, who issues vocal reminders about taking medicines, having food, etc.


In comparison to nursing homes, MEDCottages offer the senior citizens a sense of independence and self-reliance. 

However, it must be noted that these Cottages make sense only if family members interact with the resident regularly. Or else, they might end up feeling more lonely and excluded than before.

MEDCottages are also advantageous when it comes to the cost of living. While a prolonged stay at an old age home can come at a very high cost, these cottages save a lot of money.

It is reported that with time, more and more senior citizens want to have easy access to their family members, and MEDCottages can make that happen.