3 amazing Facebook hacks that most people do not know about but would love to use

Apr 28, 2018
01:44 A.M.
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Facebook launched new features to make your experience on the social media site even more thrilling.


The famous social networking application recently introduced three exciting, new updates for its users. These features are the confetti and balloons, hearts, and thumbs up graphic pop-ups.

Shared explained how it works and what to do in order to use these features.

These graphics pop up all over your screen when you type in a certain word on your post or your comments.

For the confetti and balloons feature, all you have to do is encode the word ‘congrats’ on your status. It can also be applied when you’re writing comments.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As soon as you press enter, balloons in various colors and confetti will shower your screen, both on your laptops and your phones.


According to the site, sometimes only blue or pink balloons appear on the screen. Perhaps it’s Facebook suggesting that a baby will soon be expected in the family. Who knows?

Next, the hearts graphics. Typing in ‘XOXO’ will not only make the font color turn pink, hearts will also float on your screens.

It’s a good way to make someone feel that they are loved and someone out there cares for them.

Lastly, the thumbs up feature will appear if the user types in the word ‘rad.’

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Afterward, many thumbs up emojis will pop up all over your page.


Sending these thumbs up pop-ups will make your friend feel appreciated and will make them think that you are there to support them whenever and wherever.

Facebook has always tried to ensure that their users are happy in using their site. It’s no wonder that a lot of people all over the world spend hours scrolling through their feeds every day.

The application allows people to connect with anyone all over the world anytime they want. It’s an easier way to stay in touch with the people you care most about.