Woman wanted to become 'immobile'. After learning she was pregnant, she lost over 200lbs

Apr 29, 2018
12:45 A.M.
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She wanted to become the fattest woman in the world but her dreams had to be halted when she found out that she was expecting.


It was 29-year-old Monica Riley’s dream, as shared by The Sun. Although, having found out that she was pregnant, Monica had to shed over 200 pounds for the baby’s health.

Prior to getting pregnant, Monica used to ingest more than ten thousand calories a day. She even had 3,500 calorie milkshakes being funnel fed to her by her husband, Sid.

Monica was very determined to reach her goal. She never expected to become pregnant after she had suffered two miscarriages because she had been suffering from PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome for so long.

To her surprise, in March 2017, she found out that she was pregnant. Monica knew she had to make a big decision to give up on her dreams of becoming the world’s fattest woman and focus on being a healthy mother to her baby.


Throughout her pregnancy, Monica was able to drop from 700 pounds to 520 pounds. She spent the entire nine months exercising and eating healthy for her daughter and herself.

Of course, she had met a few bumps along the way. Losing the weight was never easy and she also suffered a few complications during the pregnancy.

Her daughter, Michelle, was born prematurely through a C-section. Monica was only 33 weeks pregnant then.


Baby Michelle was born healthy but she had trouble breathing on her own at first. Also, she had four holes in her heart. Things got better soon after and her complications diminished.

As for Monica, she lost another 56 pounds after giving birth. She also plans on shedding more of her excess weight and wants to weight below 300 pounds.


Talking about her past dream, she said she can’t afford to live that lifestyle anymore. She said she wants to be able to keep up with her daughter and in order to achieve that, she has to be healthy.

When asked why she wanted to become immobile, Monica shared that she always felt like something was missing and she had to find a way to fill some kind of void in her life.

Although, she added, “But then I realized I want to have a family. That's what I want to do with my life."