Mom with giant belly has ultrasound and it hits her with unexpected results 

Apr 30, 2018
02:30 A.M.
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An expectant mother thought she was pregnant with twins but was shocked to know the truth.


Alexandra, a woman from the Czech Republic, noticed that her belly was growing too much and then went in for an ultrasound scan, reported Drap Buzz.

It was an extremely happy moment when she learned she was pregnant. Her joy seemed to have doubled when she noticed her growing belly and thought she would have twins.

She went to the doctor for a regular checkup and was told the truth. Alexandra was not carrying twins, but five.

It is indeed an unusual case as birth statics, recorded in the Czech Republic since 1949, state that there has not been a single birth of quintuplets. 


Source: Jovi

The delivery process was rare and was witnessed by over 40 doctors and nurses.

Alexandra welcomed her five children into the world. She gave birth to four sons, Daniel, Michael, Alex, and Martin, and a daughter, Tereza.

Giving birth to a set of quintuplets is very rare and is seen only in one out of 60 million births. 

Source: Jovi

In fact, the first known quintuplets, born to Olivia Edouard in May 1934, were taken away by the Chicago’s Century of Progress. The agency put the five identical baby girls in incubators so everybody could see them.

The Ontario government’s justification for revoking the custody from the quintuplet’s parents was that they were economically unfit to raise them in a proper way.


The couple was struggling to make ends meet and the technology at the time was not that advanced either. The government claimed that they took the custody of the young ones to ‘ensure their survival.’

 The babies attracted a lot of attention and a tourist industry was created around them. The government also made a lot of money out of it.


Alexandra has admitted that taking care of all the five babies was certainly not an easy task. She also gave an instance of how difficult it becomes for the parents. When a baby starts crying, the second one starts too, and so does the third, fourth, and the fifth one.

However, she has received help from many people. She also thanked them and said that without their support, raising five children would be even more difficult.