Remember Nadia from 'American Pie'? The 44-year-old actress looks incredibly young

Shannon Elizabeth who played Nadia on American Pie is 44 years now, but she still looks young as ever.

AmoMama shares with you details of Shannon Elizabeth’s rise into stardom as a young girl and what she’s been up to lately as reported by Stanton Daily.

Everyone at some point in their life watched American Pie, but among the stars that featured on that iconic show, none shone brightly as Shannon Elizabeth who played Nadia.

Shannon was born as Shannon Elizabeth Fadal on September 7, 1973, in Houston, Texas and lived a life as a normal child. As a teenager, Shannon spent most of the time facing her education, hanging with her boyfriend and engaging in sports.

Before she found her passion for acting, her first love was Tennis. She excelled very well in the sport and almost went professional before an incident with her coach made her quit. In an interview, she disclosed that she couldn’t get along with her Tennis coach making her love for the sport die, but she wished she endured and pursued her passion.

With her love for tennis out of the way, Shannon soon found another love in modeling. After high school, she signed up as a model with Ford & Elite, but on the line, she snagged some television works.

She made her film debut as a rape victim in a 1997 horror film, Jack Frost and from then on landed several small-time gigs, but her major break came in 1999 when she acted as Nadia in American Pie.Th risque role involved her being sexual with her co-stars and sometimes having to undress but that didn't stop her from giving it her all.

Shannon gave a jaw-dropping performance that was forever etched in the memories of teen males all over the world.

She went on to feature in several movies of which included Thirteen Ghosts, Johnson Family Vacation, Love Actually and many others.

Shannon soon discovered another underlying passion for poker and launched her another career as a celebrity poker star. In 2005, she played in the world series of poker and won $55,000 the following year after beating 83 other celebrities.

With all the success she achieved in acting, the same could not be said for her love life as her marriage to actor Joseph Reitman ended just three years after their union. She’s been linked with Def Jam Records co-founder and rumors are they have the hots for each other.

Proving she’s much more than just a sexual sensation, Shannon is an animal activist as she co-founded a non-profit animal rescue organization called Animal Avengers when she was married to her ex-husband, Reitman.

At 44 years, Shannon still looks as breathtaking as she looked in American Pie.

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