Dad watches CCTV footage. Then he spotted his wife lying on the baby’s bedroom floor

Preeti Pillai
May 01, 2018
03:04 P.M.

Taking care of her baby throughout the day kept her fitness levels high. She used it to put him to bed and slide away.


As reported by NTD, a South African mother, Caryn Morris, was caught on her home's CCTV camera sliding out of the room after putting her 15-month-old son to bed in order to not disrupt her cranky child's sleep.

When her husband, Tyrone Morris, saw the footage on his computer screen, he couldn't stop laughing. He was amused by his Caryn's desperate attempt to get out of the room without waking up their son, Brody.

The Morris family that lives in Durban, in the eastern South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, had invited a few guests over for dinner.


When Caryn decided to put Brody to bed in his crib, he was not ready. He refused to sleep and started to cry once his mother left the room.

According to The South African, Brody was moaning after he realized the presence of many people in his house. Every time Caryn walked out of the room, he stood up and called for her to be by his side.

Caryn had to come up with a creative way to put her son to sleep as soon as possible and attend to the guests in her house.


The mother decided to sit down on the floor next to Brody's crib so that he could see her. He lied down on the bed calmly with his eyes slightly open. She then lied down on the floor on her back and noticed that Brody didn't respond.

Caryn deduced that her son must've fallen asleep. She soon realized that this was her moment to et out of the room. She did not want to stand up and create any disruption that would wake him up.

Caryn slithered outside the bedroom and did not see any movement from her son. She was too nervous to get back to his room and check if his eyes were closed or not.


Tyrone shared the CCTV footage on social media and applauded his wife's initiative. He also joked that the South African Army called for her to train the personnel with her reverse leopard crawl.

The post soon went viral on social media as many parents lauded her efforts and shared similar stories in their own journey of parenthood.

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