Heartbroken mother describes the devastating moment her 4-year-old died in her arms

May 02, 2018
01:13 A.M.
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Losing a child is one of the most painful experiences for any parent and it is no different for this mother.


Jazz-Roxanne Cawthorne described the heartbreaking moment when her four-year-old daughter died in her arms after suffering from Late Infantile Batten’s disease, reported Metro.

The little girl suffered from a rare disease which affects 30 to 60 children in the UK. Jazz-Roxanne and her son, Reuben, hugged and kissed Darcee Ella Cawthorne as she took a final “calm and comfortable breath.”

“For the first time in years, she is now pain-free, seizure-free and battens-free, and free to fly with all the unicorns.”

Jazz-Roxanne Cawthorne, Metro, April 18, 2018.


The little Darcee was diagnosed with the condition in August 2017. Her mother was warned that her daughter would only live until the age of 12. Unfortunately, she was not even five at the time of her death.


The family from Hull, East Yorkshire, described Darcee as a whirlwind of laughter and fun. The single mother said that her daughter was tough and the “snuggliest kissable princess ever.”

The little one completed her mother’s world. Jazz-Roxanne said she will love her more each day until she meets her again.

Born in August 2013, Darcee Ella did not show an indication of any disability and was a perfect and happy baby. A few months later, the mother realized that her daughter was slower to reach milestones and was not developing on target.


Doctors noticed that the little one’s gross and fine motor skills were delayed weeks after her first birthday. When she turned two, she began to have seizures that progressed over weeks and became more and more frequent.

Many tests later, Jazz-Roxanne was given the devastating news of her diagnosis just before her fourth birthday. Her daughter had a rare, terminal disease.

During her last days, Darcee could not walk or sit on her own. She was even unable to eat and drink by herself. 


As her condition worsened, the family decided to move into Martin House Hospice in Lincolnshire in December last year. To help control her pain and seizures, a syringe driver was inserted.

Though it was supposed to give her a “new lease of life,” soon turned tragic as she got an infection where the syringe driver was inserted.

Her mother said that Darcee became weak and the family knew it was her time as she watched her daughter disintegrate in front of her eyes.