Catherine Zeta-Jones, 48, flaunts her slender figure while wearing a plunging black blouse

May 02, 2018
03:06 P.M.
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Catherine Zeta-Jones recently nailed an outfit recently, and it is such a pity that the camera could not make out her face, but she still looked stunning.


AmoMama shares exquisite details with you on Catherine Zeta-Jones who was recently spotted in a plunging black blouse, and she looked beautiful in it, as reported by Daily Mail, on April 17, 2018.


Catherine’s looks were to die for recently, and fans went wild as pictures of her spread like wild fire across the media.

This beauty has always had a way of throwing the media off balance with her stylish and gorgeous look, and here it is again!

She has always been known to receive praises for her fashion sense and how good she looked in every outfit.

It seemed like she was going on a trip, as paparazzi spotted her in a mind-blowing outfit yet again.


Catherine Zeta-Jones is one woman without blemishes when it comes to her dressing, and her looks are amazing.

The diva was on her way out of Los Angeles, and as we all know, she was spotted at the International Airport in Los Angeles.

She is 48 but looks 20 every day with her styles, and this fantastic look was nothing short of beautiful and elegant.

She dressed quite casually, in a khaki jacket, and had a plunging black blouse underneath.

For photos of Catherine, see HERE


The khaki jacket had matching camouflage pants with it, and she complemented her looks with a Gucci Polly Ankle Boot. She also had on a pair of brown glasses and a Chanel bag on he shoulder.

She looked like she was a hot piece of baked cake out of the oven, and everyone wanted to take a bite.

She would rather nail a look than being reserved about it, and this diva has a closet full of fabulous looks, just like herself.

She took a private jet out of Los Angeles to attend the third annual Contenders Emmys, and she no doubts turned up in style at the event.


The event which was held at the Hollywood DGA Theater and a lot of personalities were seen at the event.

The famous actress from the movie titled ‘Oceans Twelve' had all eyes on her at the event and the paparazzi lights were showered on her.

She struck different beautiful poses for the paparazzi, and everyone was taken aback by how unique and tasty looking Catherine Zeta-Jones was yet again.