‘Twilight’ star Ashley Greene flaunts her toned legs as she sports a short, pink floral dress

May 02, 2018
03:25 P.M.
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Ashley Greene was spotted recently walking the streets of Los Angeles in the most beautiful and gorgeous looking casual wear ever.


AmoMama shares recent details with you on the star actress from ‘Twilight' series, known as Ashley Greene, who put her light-skinned legs on display in a short dress recently, as reported by Daily Mail on April 17, 2018.


Ashely Greene, 31, recently graced the streets of Los Angeles with her presence, and though she had no makeup on, she looked even more stunning.

Her presence read;

‘I’m casual today, and I'm nailing this casual look'.

Ashely is usually called a gorgeous and pleasant woman while on set and out of the set, and it is no surprise she looked very simple and beautiful in that outfit.


Oh, yea! Her dress was simply fabulous, and utterly stylish.

She had a short pink floral dress that danced around her body as the mild air blew through it.

Her dress was not the only thing that caught the eye of so many people, her toned and bright looking legs also cut that deal in half.

The dress flaunted her toned and beautiful legs, and the diva walked in and out of Bristol Farms where she shopped for food items.

For photos of Ashley Geene, see HERE

The weather was not too harsh, and so her pink floral dress was the only beautiful outfit she could have worn out to shop.


Her amazing curves were almost hidden in the free dress, but as she took her lovely steps, they came out willingly.

She had a flat brown shoe on her legs that made her pace brisk and elegant at the same time.

She also had her slightly tidied hair packed up into a bun and adorned her eyes with a pair of brown sunglasses.

She had a friend with her for her outing, and both ladies took a stroll around together, walking side by side.

There was something else very visible on Ashley’s body, and that was her not-so-hidden engagement ring.


Recently, Ashely and her fiancé Paul Khoury, who is an Australian TV personality had their engagement, and so many fans were happy on hearing the news.

The actress is taking her rest the best way she can as she has a lot of projects this year which would put her in a busy mode all through.