Here's why Duchess Kate shouldn't be shamed for having nannies

May 09, 2018
12:48 A.M.
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Many people are criticising the Duchess of Cambridge for having 'too many' nannies.


On the 23rd of April 2018, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William welcomed their third child. The little boy named Louis will be joining his brother George and his sister Charlotte in the Royal Nursery at Kensington Palace revealed on the 26th of April 2018.

The organization of the nursery has raised quite a controversy, with some people claiming that since the Duchess is not a working mother, she should forego having nannies and raise her own children.

Since the beginning of their marriage, the Dukes of Cambridge has been paving the way for a modern monarchy, being as normal a couple as possible under the circumstances and have always placed their family ahead of their royal duties.


Prince William and Duchess Kate take their children on royal tours and have placed them in traditional 'normal' schools with other children.


George and Charlotte go to birthday parties and play dates in the park with mom and dad, and yes, they have a nanny. In 2013 the couple hired Maria Teresa to help with the care of their son, George, and she has been with them ever since

Strong criticism has been leveled at the existence of the nanny, especially since the family lives in Kensington Palace which is fully staffed. The nanny is dedicated exclusively to the children and has no other duties other than their care and wellbeing, and the same could not be said for the other members of the household.

Detractors may be unaware that although the Duchess does not have a traditional job, her many duties as a member of the Royal Family keep her just as busy as any executive mom.


The Duchess supports and works with several charities, including the Heads Together initiative, and makes official appearances throughout the United Kingdom as a representative of Her Majesty.

As the wife of Prince William, Heir Presumptive after his father, the Prince of Wales, she represents her country at functions and events, travels abroad and attends official dinners and galas.

Supporters of the Duchess have pointed out that even though she is one of the busiest Royals, she is still a loving and dedicated mother - and when she cannot be present, she can be sure that her children are safe and being well cared for by her trusted nanny.