John Cena steps out to celebrate first birthday without Nikki Bella after their recent split

AmoMama is on it again - following up on Cena and how he is coping with the breakup from Nikki Bella. As Hollywood Life reports, the wrestler turned 41 on April 23 and it was his first birthday in six years without Bella. How is he coping?

April 23rd was John Cena’s birthday and the first for a long time without Nikki Bella after their breakup barely a month ago. It was a moment to watch as those close to him wondered how he would be celebrating it. Being the champ that he is, Cena is not letting his emotions get ahead of him and he is handling his business with his head high. A source told HL that the wrestler will not be burying his head in the sand. “John is going to make his first public appearance this Friday in Saudi Arabia and he doesn’t want anyone to feel bad for him. After the break up with Nikki its been all business.” 

May 4, today, is the day of the anticipated The Greatest Royal Ruble takes place and Cena is going up against Triple H. With that happening, he can’t afford to have his mind distracted, which is why the source says he is keeping busy at work.

“He has made sure to surround himself with work to not think about Nikki. John is really preparing for his match and hasn’t really given himself time to mourn the relationship, but that is how he deals with painful moments in his life. He covers it with picking up the work to replace a chance to deal with emotions. It will be nice for him to be in the ring to continue to get away from it all.”

Bella and Cena were scheduled to get married on May 5, which is only a day after the much-anticipated match. Cena and Triple H have not met in the ring since 2010, and so it will be a spectacle. The outcome may also form Cena’s storyline for the next several weeks since a win will take the attention away from the breakup. A loss, well, that will likely be attributed to his broken heart.

Who are you rooting for: Cena or Triple H? Tell us in comments.  

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