Kirsten Dunst looks radiant in red dress showing off baby bump while out to lunch

May 04, 2018
04:09 P.M.
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An amazing news made the social media platform, and guess who paparazzi caught on camera recently having lunch and showing off her growing baby bump.


AmoMama shares details with you on pictures of Kirsten Dunst stepping out in style to have lunch by herself, and showing off her very visible baby bump, as reported by JustJared on April 25, 2018, at 4:00 am.


Have you recently seen a lady in red walking along the streets of Burbank, Calif with her girlfriend walking side by side with her? Guess who you just saw?

Kirsten Dunst looked flawless in her carefree red long dress that caught the eyes of so many as she graced the streets of Calif with her presence.

She made her way with her friend to Olive and Thyme to have lunch, and it is more than surprising as she appeared with a fully grown baby bump.

Kirsten had made it a point of contact not to announce that she was expecting a baby to the public, hence the surprise she gave everyone.


She took to her Instagram page to make a joke about her pregnancy by sharing a throwback picture of herself when she was heavily pregnant.

The picture was dated back to 1998, and Kirsten was still very much in her younger days when the picture was taken.

She captioned the picture on Instagram saying;

‘Art imitates life'.

Everyone was stunned at Kirsten Dunst baby bum photo the day she shared it on her Instagram page.

On that same day, Kirsten made an appearance at a lunch date with her friend looking heavily pregnant, and this shocked everyone.


She appeared to look very happy and healthy, and you would not believe the surprise in so many faces when she walked in and out of the restaurant.

Kirsten has once again put everyone in the dark about her baby, and now that it's finally out in the open, it is almost impossible to recover from the shock.

Pictures of her walking in and out of the restaurant filled the social media platform immediately, and so many people had so many things to say.

While Kirsten still looked beautiful as ever, she had on a red long dress and held a cup of juice as she walked.


Her legs were slightly visible, but she adorned them with a yellow flat that made her balance accurate.

To see a photo of Kirsten Dunst Looking radiant in red while out to lunch CLICK HERE

It is unknown how long Kirsten has been pregnant, but from the look of the pictures, it seems like a baby would be born anytime soon.