Simon Cowell seems heartless, but behind the scenes he is truly a generous person

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
02:22 A.M.
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Simon Cowell is known for being a harsh critic, but a young girl managed to hit his soft spot.


Julia Carlie, who has severe spinal deformity scoliosis, blew him away on Britain's Got Talent, as reported by American Web Media.

Julia melted everyone's heart with her talent and her courage. She didn't let her disability stop her from reaching her dream.

Despite her physical condition, she made it to the stage of Britain's Got Talent and perform for millions of viewers


She was determined to get the prize money, which amounted to $340,000. Coming from a less privileged background, Julia's family could not afford an experimental surgery that would fix her spine for good.

Scoliosis, which affects people of all ages, causes the spine to curve out of shape. The condition, which is sometimes hereditary, commonly starts to become noticeable between the ages of 10 and 15.

If her condition is fixed, Julia would be able to dance even better than before.


The experimental surgery, which is only available in the United States, will allow her to keep her ability to dance. The only other option is through the NHS in the United Kingdom, but this one would leave her back too rigid to perform the dances she loved

She needed to undergo the surgery before it becomes too late to fix her spine. Late treatment might cost her her life, as her spine would start to press on her internal organs and eventually crush her lungs.

In a bid to get the prize money, Julia joined the hit talent competition with her MerseyGirls group. Unfortunately, they didn't win.

But Julia had tugged at Simon's heartstrings. He eventually offtered to put nearly $240,000 toward her surgery to pay for it.

Julia is now recovering from the successful operation. She is deeply grateful to the talent competition judge known for ripping contestants apart with harsh comments.