Doctor builds an amazing tiny house as a replacement for nursing homes

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
02:19 A.M.
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There is now a better alternative to the nursing home for the elderlies, and it even allows them to stay close to their families.


Doctor Kenneth Dupin designed a comfortable and luxurious home for the elderlies that can replace nursing homes. According to Shared, these homes have been aptly termed 'granny pods' or 'MEDCottage'

Dupin came up with the idea of designing a tiny cottage full of all the facilities that an elderly might require after hearing the emotional story of an old woman named Katie.

The source informed that Katie had to move to a nursing home from the house she adored and missed a lot. When Dupin went to visit her in the nursing home, she pulled him closer and requested him to take her home.


This got Dupin thinking about a possible solution for the elderlies who did not want to leave their home. He wanted to come up with an idea that would allow them to stay close to their families and avoid a sad fate in nursing homes.

After much thought, his solution was a 400-square-foot mini-mobile home that could be easily parked in the backyard and hooked up to the main home's electricity and water.


The mini-homes are filled with all the possible facilities that an elderly may require. It also offers other amenities that is crucial for them. The estimated rent of these homes is placed at $2,000 per month.

Inside, the 'Granny Pod' is equipped with webcams for safety. Dupin calls these cameras 'Feet Sweep,' which only tracks and follows a person's feet. That way, family members can see if the elderly living in the cottage has fallen down or gone unconscious.


But that's not all. The cottages are fully equipped with other facilities of daily requirement as well. For example, there is plenty of space for fitting in a laundry machine. There are also defibrillators, rails, and even first aids kit.

Although most small homes have small and congested spaces, this 'granny pod' offers fairly high ceiling and enough space to move around. There are also spacious windows behind the kitchen sinks.