Todd Chrisley shares photo with his beautiful wife in shiny outfit hugging him in a lovely way

Claudine Varela
May 10, 2018
02:01 A.M.

The reality TV patriarch cozies up to his wife as he narrates how they met a couple recently and inspired them to give their marriage another try.


Todd Chrisley may be many things but he’s first and foremost a loving husband to his wife Julie. Posting a lovely photo of them dressed to the nines on his Instagram on April 21, the reality television patriarch took the opportunity to share an equally lovely story of their recent encounter with a troubled married couple who found solace in Todd’s wisdom about marriage and parenthood.

Source: Getty Images / Global Images of Ukraine

Source: Getty Images / Global Images of Ukraine

In the long account Todd shared, he began by wishing his followers well and went on to narrate how he and his wife met a couple during their recent trip to Las Vegas where they were spending quality time with their family. A lady had approached them and told them about her situation with her husband whom she’s been separated with for five months. She also thanked the TV couple for inspiring her through ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ “to move forward and hold her head up high.”


But as the lady spoke to them, her husband showed up and this is when Todd gave the man his two cents’ worth. In his own words, he narrated,

“It was during her testimony to us that her husband walked up. (Yes, they are trying to work things out for their family). As he introduced himself I looked at him and God came over me. I said, very candidly, ‘so you cheated?’ And he said, ‘it was a mistake. It just happened.’ To which I responded, ‘you don’t trip and land between another woman’s legs, so OWN it.”


Todd then recalled the man suddenly confessing all his sins to him, his love for his wife and the shame he’s endured. It was then that Todd asked the tearful man,

“What’s your relationship with your earthly father?”

When the mad cried even more, Todd came to a realization.

“I already knew before asking, that this man had no male role model growing up and if he did, it certainly wasn’t one that fed his soul, his character, or his moral compass. Rather quite the opposite. It obviously was one that told this man, as a child, that you can do whatever you want regardless of who you hurt.”

He also told the man that “he is his father’s son by birth but the sins of his father shouldn’t be repeated by him.” Thus, he advised the man that if he didn’t want his children to turn out like him, he must break the cycle. Todd counseled,

“First, you must ask God to forgive you of your sins, then you must get down on your knees and ask your wife and children to forgive you. You must make sure that you never cause your wife to question her value to you ever again.”

Source: Getty Images / Global Images of Ukraine

Source: Getty Images / Global Images of Ukraine


Looking at the man’s wife, Todd asked,

“Do you love him and are you still IN love with him?”

Luckily, the woman replied,

“I am, with all my heart.”

Having advised the couple to keep their family together, Todd went on to confess,

“I try everyday to be better than the day before. I try to set an example for my children, to love and honor my wife and my mother, and to be the very best friend that I can. Our family has been stolen from, had folks lie about us and to us, and had horrible things done to our family by those we trusted. We have faced illness, death, financial hardships, and struggles with our children but where we have never given up is on each other and our faith in God.”

Before he ended his lengthy message, Todd quoted from a song,

“If you choose to believe in God and he doesn’t exist, you haven’t lost anything. If he does, and you don’t believe, you’ve lost it ALL!”

Such was the story that tugged at the hearts of Todd and Julie whose marriage has never faltered throughout the years. It was certainly inspiring for Todd to know that his show touches a lot of people and that in his own way, he is able to make a difference in their lives. Kudos to Todd and Julie for being exceptional role models to many families out there.

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