Bride prepares for the first dance. Suddenly, the music stopped and she saw her dream singer

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
02:14 A.M.
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This couple had their dream wedding planned when suddenly everything needed to change. But they weren't expecting this big surprise. 


Samantha and Taylor had planned their destination wedding in Mexico. Everything was coming together nicely, when suddenly Samantha's mother, Kathy, became very ill. 

As reported by American Web Media, Kathy suffered from multiple sclerosis, and her worsening condition meant that she would be unable to travel to Mexico, and possibly wouldn't even survive until the wedding date. 

Shattered, Samantha started changing their plans, moving the wedding back to the United States, and trying to pull together a quick, cheap wedding so that her mom would be able to attend

At one point, she even told Taylor they should just go down to the courthouse to tie the knot. Fortunately, he knew her better than that and remembered that she had always dreamed of her big white wedding. 


He encouraged her to enter a competition run by The Knot, which would see them covering all the expenses for her Dream Wedding if she won. Pouring her heart and soul into the application, they soon heard back that the prize was theirs. 

They pulled together their wonderful wedding, and decided on Love You Like That by country singer Canaan Smith as their first dance song. When The Knot heard about that, they came up with an incredible surprise for the couple. 

“We chose a song that’s very catered toward us as a couple. Not one of the traditional first dance songs,” Samantha explained of their choice. 

The couple married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and then transitioned to the reception. But as they took the dance floor for their first song, something strange happened. The band stopped playing just a few chords in. 


The lead singer looked at the confused couple, and with a mischievous grin told them he had a better idea. From out of nowhere, Canaan Smith sauntered out onto the dance floor to personally sing their first dance song! 

The couple were shocked and amazed at his appearance, but delighted to have him there to sing in their nuptials. 

As it turns out, The Knot had contacted the singer and shared the couple's story, and asked if he would be interested in helping make their day extra special. 

He and his wife were happy to be part of such a special occasion, and they flew out especially for the wedding.