Couple threatened by neighbors for being naked in their own home

Ksenia Novikova
May 10, 2018
09:19 A.M.
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Karin and Jay Stone is a married couple who is comfortable with their bodies. This comfortability hasn’t set well with some of their neighbors.


The neighbors went as far as writing a note complaining about the Stone’s nudity. The anonymous note even stated that their neighbors were even considering calling the police according to the Facebook post.

New York Post reported that one day, Jay Stone found a note from his neighbors complaining that they were tired of seeing them naked. Karin Stone, 33, and Jay are from Lemington, a town in northeast England.

They were confused by the nasty note that described the size of their body parts. It appears as though the writer could see them through their windows.


The writer even rudely threatened the young couple with the police for being naked in their own home. Karin, 33, told According to the Chronicle Live, Karin shared that she didn’t get why they were complaining as she and her husband weren’t intentionally parading around naked

She also admitted that she was freaked out by the thought of someone watching them daily. Karin joked that “I’m considering putting a note over both my windows saying, ‘Stop looking!’”

‘Would you please close your blinds when getting dressed or undressing. We are sick of seeing big bum big boobs and little willy [sic] and we will report you both for indecent exposure. Your neighbors.’


Anonymous neighbors, Facebook, May 4, 2018

She stated that she felt the whole thing was a bit excessive. The Lemington resident said she would have been more understanding of the complaint if the neighbors had just knocked on their door and told them politely that they had an issue with privacy.

Despite the threats, the couple sees the funny side of the note. The viral note has even sparked debate across the globe after Karin posted a photo of it on Facebook.


Karin revealed that when she woke up the next day the post had about 15,000 comments in 24 hours. She even received a call to have an interview on an Australian breakfast show.  

Karin shared that people even advised them on how they should tackle the neighbor’s request.

Some of the suggestions were quite outrageous. She shared that some people had suggested that they should start doing a choreographed naked dance.

Ultimately, the young couple has taken the incident in their stride and has seen the funny side of it.