Here's what to do if you are kidnapped and bound with zip ties

May 10, 2018
08:26 P.M.
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While it's an uncomfortable topic to discuss, the possibility that it might happen makes it important to share any tips on how to get out of the situation. 


When someone is kidnapped, they are more often than not bound in a way that is meant to incapacitate them so that they are less able to fight off kidnappers. One of the most common methods of restraint is with zip ties. 

In a video shared by ITS Tactical to YouTube, they shared the best way to escape from this type of restraint. Fortunately, this method can also be translated to another popular restraint as well: duct tape. 

First of all, it is important to ensure that you are alone when attempting to free yourself. Doing so in front of the kidnappers could result in the kind of violence that could cost you your life. 


Most likely they will not be keeping an eye on you 24/7, and as soon as you are alone, it is time to make your move. 

With zip ties in particular, it is important to ensure that they are tied as tightly around your wrists as possible, as this will place the maximum amount of pressure on the nylon tape it is made from. 

If the kidnappers have not tied it particularly tight, use your teeth to pull the binds tighter. You should also try to ensure that the lock is facing upwards, and is placed between your wrists. 

Once this is done, raise your arms together above your head with your elbows facing out, and bring your arms down as fast as possible against your stomach, aiming to push your shoulder blades together as you swing your arms back. 


The force of the fluid movement should snap the zip ties right off! 

This same method can be used for duct tape as well, but there are also other ways in which you may be bound. Fortunately, ITS Tactical decided to share ways in which a number of different restraints may be broken.