Boy cries with joy over new puppy

A little boy became emotional when he held a puppy in his arms.

Zayden’s mother, Debbie Rochelle, posted a video clip of her son holding a Chihuahua on Facebook.

Both puppies and children are just wonderful. But when the two are put together, the result is immeasurable cuteness.

Puppies are loaded with cuteness that one could just cry for, at least, that’s how little Zayden feels.

The young boy from Missouri was overcome with emotion when he held a puppy in his hands. The video went viral as people witnessed Zayden’s never-ending love of animals.

In the video, Zayden is crying as he tells his mother that the puppy is “so cute.” 

His mother, Rochelle, responds by saying that maybe she will get him a dog. Her son continues to cry and when she asks him what was wrong, he says, “She is just beautiful,” in between sobs.

Rochelle captioned the clip, ‘Mr. Sensitive loves puppies.’

As the little boy was crying, the puppy too seemed to have taken a liking to Zayden. She can be seen licking the boy’s tears as he cuddles it. The little boy holding the chihuahua puppy seems to be around five years old.

The young boy was ecstatic as his mother ended up getting him the puppy. He did not have to shed any more tears for her.

An animal charity, Blue Springs Animal Hospital and Pet Resort, in Blue Springs, Missouri, posted a photo on Facebook of Zayden proudly holding his new Chihuahua puppy, Asha.

The video has gone viral and garnered over 3.7 million views and more than 50,000 shares on the social networking site. The clip was also shared by California animal shelter, INsight Animal Rescue.

The video ends with the young boy stroking the puppy while she continues to lick his face. 

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